Beauty, Harmony and Art, in a NASA photo

I’m sharing this just because I found it strikingly beautiful.  With a little cropping, it could be frameable.

Is it a tree? A cross-section of veins and arteries?

"Yukon River" "alaska"

According to the caption from NASA’s Earth Observatory, this satellite photo of the Yukon River in Alaska reveals the branches that break away from the main stem of the river as it reaches its delta region.  The river empties into the Bering Sea. At this point, on January 11th, 2010, the sea is frozen along the shore, so you can’t tell where land meets sea.  The frozen river is covered with snow, but the smaller branches stand out dark against the snowy surroundings.

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6 thoughts on “Beauty, Harmony and Art, in a NASA photo

  1. it is an awesome picture, no wonder, Our God is an Awesome God with Awesome Creations. With so much Beauty and Uniqueness in this world we all definitely know in our hearts that it could never evolve, but it did indeed had to be created.

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  3. Ja, denne fikk jeg jammen lyst Ã¥ lese jeg ogsÃ¥.Kanskje litt kjsitnsfascisn¸Ãk Ã¥ si det: men jeg synes dte er bar du anmelder sÃ¥ mange kvinnelige forfattere:)

  4. der Ronald ( hatte mir das schon vor ewigkeiten vorgespielt und dreht es seitdem immer auf den plattentellern, geht mittlerweile recht gut im club aber warum muss das denn in die top 5? es wird ja nicht besser deswegen .. im sinne von besser, weil es mehr kennen. es ist ohnehin ziemlich cool ..

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