Introduction (About this journal)

In this space I’ll talk about interesting advances in science and technology, often with a Seattle-centric slant. It’ll reflect my own personal strengths (and weaknesses), and my reporting for KPLU, but I’ll aim to make it far-ranging and useful to someone who isn’t necessarily tech savvy or scientifically inclined. Topics I’m especially interested in include: the evolution of life on Earth; brain science and the mind; personal technology that makes life easier; vaccines and global health; microbes; earthquakes and volcanoes; animal behavior.

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About Admin

I was the Science & Health Reporter for 12 years, and the Environment Reporter for 5 years, at NPR member station KPLU, in Seattle, WA (now re-born as knkx). Today, I've left journalism but keep this blog as a place for writing about some of the topics that I tracked over the years.

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